What is Classic Erosion?

Erosion is a natural process of wearing away rock, sand and soil by water, thermal stress and other natural forces. Erosion is responsible for the distinctive look of natural landscapes that is hard to get using only procedural noises.

Classic Erosion is a powerful plugin for Terragen 4, simulating realistic erosion right inside Terragen. It greatly streamlines workflow, allowing to generate, erode, and render landscape completely within Terragen without use of third-party external terrain editors.

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Fluvial erosion

Classic Erosion features realistic and flexible fluvial erosion, allowing to get a wide range of various landscapes: from deeply carved canyons to heavily eroded mountain ranges.

  • Image courtesy of Martin Huisman
    Image courtesy of Martin Huisman

Thermal erosion

Besides fluvial there is also thermal erosion simulation, which is evaluated simultaneously with the fluvial erosion, so both types of erosion affect each other, improving realism.

Rivers erosion

Classic Erosion also includes an experimental rivers mode, which carves a wide range of adjustable rivers into your terrain.

Integration to Terragen project

Classic erosion provides a set of maps that can be used to texture terrain. These maps are output using the RGB channels, which allow for further control. Classic Erosion shader can also be masked and controlled by Terragen shaders such as Simple shape, Power fractal, Surface layer and others.

  • Focusing precipitation to the volcano top


Classic Erosion plugin is available for Windows as both free and commercial editions. Free version may be used only for non-commercial purposes, and has limited heightmap resolution. Commercial version is available for $25 (local VAT is not included).

After pressing the “Buy” button, you will be redirected to PayPro Global site where you can purchase the Classic Erosion plugin.

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macOS is not supported currently.

User guide

User guide


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